Water Management


Closed Loop Water System

Our manufacturing facilities use a Closed Loop Water System with ECF Technology and Oxygen Bleaching techniques. The implementation of Oxygen bleaching nearly eliminates dioxin levels and effluent (wastewater) that arise from ECF bleaching. The effluent is further purified at facility owned and operated wastewater treatment facility.The purified water is then safe to be used for agricultural irrigation or reentered into natural waterways. This Closed Loop Water System addresses the vital environmental issue with paper manufacturing wastewater.


Continuous Process Optimization

Our mills are constantly striving to conserve and reduce the amount of fresh water used for manufacturing. Through continuous process optimization we are minimizing fresh water usage and liquid runoff. Our mills have complied with removing over 85% of BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand), COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), and total suspended solids, thus complying with national and international standards. These processes are key components of our overall operations, helping to achieve ISO 14001 Environmental Certification.